Product: SciFi Special Agent Smart Props

Original Price: 9.20$  PRIME: 3.50 US$


Here comes a set of Special Agent SciFi Props for your newest Science Fiction Themes.

This set brings you smart propped and non-smartpropped Items.
Included are as well the corresponding handposes for M4 and V4.

Included in this set:

– Case 1 and Case 2 as boned figures for use on tables or ground (can open case, swing handle)
– Large Explosive Bundle for M4 and V4, plus a ground placed Bundle
– Eye Goggles for V4 and M4 and ground based
– Small Explosives for V4 and M4, Left and Right hand and ground based
– The Device, a tube form device with the option to extend and open. For M4 and V4 and ground based
– Corresponding Hand poses for all items

Works in Poser and D/S.

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Example Renders:


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