Product: Exclusive Villa 2: Livingroom

Living Room Sample Render

Original Price: 14.90$


Here comes Part 2 of our Supervilla Series: The Livingroom.
This large room has a dining area and a relaxing area with
a fireplace. It adopts to the length side of the Bedroom and Bathroom.

This set comes with a ton of furniture, all separatly boned and
very versatile in its use. Included are as well a lot of different
materials to allow you to paint your house in a different style.

Included in this set:


– Living Room as boned figure
– Illumination Helpers for the windows
– Lights and Crownlighter
– Curtains and Blinds
– Fireplace
– Pictures

Furniture (Figures and Props)
– couch Set (all boned)
– Table Set (all boned)
– Large cupboard (with books and decoration)
– Small Cupboard (with toppings)
– Table Cover
– 2 Plants
– Couch table
– Padawan (Boned, foldable)
– Floorlamp (with IBL Helper)

– Crownlighter Lights
– Spots 1
– Spots 2
– Sunlight emulator

– 40 different materials for various sets

Also check out the Bedroom and Bathset which perfectly fits to this one (Bathdoor is the side door).
More items to come.

Check out our freebie area for more add ons and freestuff.

Thanks for using our sets!

Rem: Package is build for Poser, works in D/S with a few limitations (check read me).

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