Product: Ship Elements B2: SciFi Apartment

Original Price: 9.99$


Here you get your SciFi Apartment B2 aligning up with the B1 Corridor Sets.
It works as a standalone product as well.

Get your Space travellers some room to rest and work. Included in this set are:

– Core B2 element.All walls, trays, windows, doors etc are boned and can be hidden
moved and animated. A set of masterdials are set up to open doors, windows and trays

– Table/Chair set, boned to move separate parts

– Bed Set with morphs injected into the Bed Cover

– 6 Basic Poses for M4 and V4

– Style preset poses to apply Science, Executive and Alien Styles

A versatile and easy to use set for a comprehensive Scifi Space.

Product is designed for Poser use, works in D/S

See our great portfolio of sets in the Marketplace and dont forget to check
our large section of freebies.



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