Product: Ship Elements A5: Prison Section

Original Price: 15.20$


“Lock it up!”

This part of the ship elements series is a complex Prison Section.

The upper Area is a combination of a two cells per side on a six sided
level. The lower level is a larger part where you can trap the larger
monsters in, such as like Demons or larger beasts.

The low and upper level are separate parts you can load.
In order to secure the lower level, you can also load a security gate on top.

As like all our sets, this set is of high versatility, but still extremely easy
to use. the sections come as boned figures. Just disable single wall parts to make
long focal lense shots.

Extra Planes for IDL use have been added to all lights. Those are separate bones
and can be hidden via easy poses included.

Poses for V4 and M4 are included as well as lights and camera sets.

Out of the box this set includes:

– Section 5 Upper Floor Level including Doors etc
– Section 5 Lower Floor level including the large gate
– Section 5 Cell
– Section 5 Gutter
– Section 5 bed Stuff

– Room Poses: Turn Illuminators on and off
– Figure Poses: 10 Poses for M4 / 10 Poses for V4 all individual to this set

– cell Lights
– Lower Lights
– Upper Floor
– IDL Only (for use with Poser 8 up)

– 11 Dolly Cams

Manual included.

Other Sets of this Series:
Section A1 : Corridor part
Section A2 : Reactor Room
Section A3 : Cryo Stasis
Section A4 : Private Quarters
Add Ons : Scrap and Waste props

This set is build for best use with Poser 8 and 2012.
It works with Pre-Poser 8 with some limitations on the lights.
D/S: This set loads OK in D/S. Support for D/S is limited on loading items.
Lights may look different in D/S



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