Product: Ship Elements A4 – Private Quarters

Original Price: 12.99$


Need a break or a place to rest after all this long hours walking around your ship?
THis part of the Ship Elements Series is bringing you your private quarter, a place
to sleep and get refreshed.

The Private Quarter Element is a standalone item, no other pieces needed, but works
also greatly together with the other sets of this series.

Out of the box this set contains:

– A4 Ship Elements Set (Boned Figure, over 40 bones)
– Bed Coverage Stuff

– 14 Poses for V4 and M4 dedicated to this set
– 4 Room Poses for changing the Illumination

– Sideboard Fillings 1 and 2
– Stool

– All Lights for pre-P8 use (no IDL)
– Spec/Ambience for P8 and greater (Indirect Lightning)

– 5 preset Cams

The Set is build to work best with P8 and upper, but is compatible down.
Anyhow, there are illumination planes assigned to all lights in the room to
illuminate the room with IDL which make it look realistic. You can hide them
easiliy since all things are boned itmes.

Disable walls by simply hiding its bone to make long focal length shots.

Masterdial parameters assigned to open doors etc.

Check our large freebie section for more stuff working perfectly with our Sets.

D/S Users: Set loads OK into D/S and functionality is test from D/S 2.3 upward.
however, some material shaders are build for poser and some lights look different
than in the test renders due to use of IDL in Poser.

THanks for using our sets!



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