Product: Scrap and Waste

Original Price: 8.50$


Here is a scene filler pack that you definitly need:
The scrap and waste pack of our Ship elements series delivers you

– 7 Scrap packs of metal and technology scrap
– 2 different floor waste elements
– two different from ceiling hanging cables
– floor cablings
– two different metal barrels
– box full of scrap
– Scrap box as smartprop for M4 and V4 (incl Poses)
– two materials for the barrels

This set is a standalone package. However, it greatly complements the SHIP ELEMENTS setsm avaliable here in the Store:

– A1 – Corridor Set
– A2 – Reactor Set
– A3 – Cryo Tanks

Build for Poser, loads ok in D/S.

Have fun and check out the other sets in our store.



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