Product: SciFi Smartprop Collection I

Original Price: 8.50$


Here comes our first set of scifi-style smartprops for completing your scifi scenes.
Included in this set you get:

– Communicator (with Morph to open and close)
– Disc Reader (with Morph to open and close and hide the disc)
– HandCuffs
– MiniDisc
– Reader 1 (with morph to eject and inject the reading panel)
– Reader 3 (with morph to extract and show the reading panel)
– Hand-Scanner

All Props come as smartprop for M4 and V4 as well as Null Props dropping on the floor (so you can place them on tables etc)

Also included:
– 14 Poses for V4
– 14 Poses for M4

All for the above described props (hand poses and/or full poses)

– 3 Material Presets (for Posers Material room, D/S need to manual adjust color)

Limitations for D/S users: All Props load as usual and can be used as such, Material presets would only work for Poser

People, Clothing, Hair not included in this set.

Check our large freebie section and other sets here in our store.



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