Product: SciFi City Construction Set – Base Pack 1

Original Price: 19.90$


Welcome to our new product Line:

The SCIFI City Construction Set!

With this new line of products you will receive the most comprehensive
modular set to build Cities of SciFi Style. Even though, not just that.
Everything in these sets is going to be produced under the aspect to be still
able to make close up shots.

with this first set you receive everything you need to start off. Check
the sample renders to get an idea how versatile this set is.

Included in the first package is :

– Building 1 – 4 , modular buildings, with various boned parts
– SciFi apps, conforming to the buildings
– Detail sets conforming to the buildings
– Street Set, build in modular way, having a metro on top
– Sky Hemisphere
– Larger Sign

– Easy pose sets for all buildings, Applications and Detail sets to change style
– Mat Poses for the hemisphere

– Daylight, Dawn, Night Lights

– Basic Depth Cue

– Ships plane to fill your sky with life

Prebuild Scenes:
– 4 prebuild Scenes for Poser (like the ones used in the sample renders)

We have also included a five page tutorial and produced a 20 minute video tutorial
to explain the usage.

There is far more to come on this product line. Stay tuned!!

Check our large freebie section here or under our website.

THanks for using our sets.




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