Product: Scene Fillers – Beauty Props

Original Price: 9.20$


You need some scene filling items for a make up and beauty scene? Here you get best of it. The Set is a poseable sum of beauty props, which you can simply place anywhere needed. Items can be opened and placed around.

In addition you get 5 of those props as smartprops for V4 including the corresponding handpose.

Included in the set:

– Scene Fillers Set of Beauty Props
(Includes all props in one: Spray, Papertowels, Creme, Powder, Eye Shadows, Eyeliner, Mascara, Lipstick, two Bottles of Parfum, Hairbruch, Powderbrush)
– 4 easy pose for quick setup
– 5 handposes for V4
– 5 smartprops for V4

Works in POser and D/S.

Thanks for using our sets. Check out our large set of freebies and our other Everyday props!



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