Product: PlasmaGun for V4 and M4

Original Price: 8.60$


Heads down!

Ever needed a unique gun for your scifi renders?

Here comes one that is not like the usual Pistols.

This is a Plasma Cutting Device. Once fired, it beams three lasers,
then spins the laser up and down and cuts everything in pieces on its way.

Very efficient against the Monsters and Aliens you are probably fighting during
your adeventures.

This gun is a conforming figure to V4 and M4 and has several parts to animate.

With this set you also get Poses for V4 and M4 to create some action ad hoc.
Hand poses are included as well.

A smart propped fuel Cell is included for V4 and M4.

D/S users: the Masterdial for the Fire wouldnt work. You need to alter the parts



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