Product: Medieval Smartprop Collection 1

Original Price: 9.50$


Its the little things that make your renders to come alive.
Here comes a set of medieval props and smartprops to awaken your
scenes and make them fuller.

Herewithin you get 10 items as props and smartprops for M4 and V4
including the corresponding handposes for M4 and V4.

You also receive two figures that come as boned items.

Included in the box:

Props and Smartprops (10 x Smartprops for M4 and V4, 10 x Non-Smartprops)

– Beer
– Broom
– Bucket
– Coins
– Meatpiece
– Scroll Open
– Scroll Closed
– Sack of Coins
– Winebottle (with morphs for wine and cork)
– Wineglass (with morphs for wine)

Corresponding handposes for the above
– 10 x M4
– 10 x V4

– Boned Barrel (to open)
– Boned Chest (to open)

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We also have a large section of freestuff in our freebie area.

Remark: All items tested in Poser and D/S

THanks for using 3-D-C Products.



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