Product: HeadCloth for V4

Original Price: 8.20$


Here comes a versatile headwear set for V4.

Included in the set are 8 different material presets plus a PSD template.
Also included are easy pose presets to hide the various pieces.

The hedscarf is divided into three pieces:

– Mouthcover with morphs to lower, uncover nose, wind back
– Sunglasses
– Headcover with different morphs like wind back

Overall injected morphs:

– Aiko 4
– Stephanie 4
– FaceYoung
– FaceSquare
– FaceRound
– FaceOld
– FaceMidDepth
– FaceLong
– FaceHeart
– FaceFull

Manual Adjustments:
– Jaw Fuller
– Adjust Cheekbones
– Nose Wider
– Nose Foreward
– Chin Wider
– Chin Down
– Adjust Ears Out
– Wider X up
– Wider Z Front

Build for any sort of Grunge, Scifi or Apocalyptic Scenes where you need to protect your V4s of dust and wind.

Check our large freebie section for more stuff.

Thanks for using our products.



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