Product: Exclusive Villa 1: Bath and Bedroom

– 11 Free Cams for this set : Download here : 3dc-sv1-freecam-1

Original Price: 12.90$


Welcome to our newest Series: The Exclusive Supervilla.

This Set will bring you sections of a exclusive villa with the
various sections of Living.

This time you get the first set: The Bed and Bathroom.

The set is modelled with great sense to detail and fine texture
sets to make it look as realistic as possible. Even though the
set is boned and rigged so you can easily hide walls, move doors
or rearrange the entire set as you would like to.

A complete preset scene is included as well as light sets and all
single materials.

Want to paint the walls different? No problem. All Material groups are
separated so you can easily make each wall different or simply select
the wall and apply a preset material set.

Furniture can open doors and move trays, all lights such as the lamps
have preset IBL helpers for IBL rendering. Perfect outputs and nice
looking interieurs.

Included in this set are:

Figure/Rigged Items:

– Room Set (Bath and Bedroom)
– IBL Helper
– Furniture Items:
– Exclusive Bed
– Bedstuff
– Toilet
– Curtains for the Bedroom (with Morphs)
– cupboard (rigged)
– Wardrobe (rigged)
– Nightboard with Lamp (IBL included)
– Standlamp


– Bathtube
– Blinds for the Bath (with Morphs)
– Lamp Bathroom
– Lamp Bedroom
– Side Lamps Bathroom
– Mirror bedroom
– Mirror bathroom
– Sink
– Stool
– Towelholder


– Sunlight
– Lights bedroom
– Lights Bathroom

– All single Materials in Mt5 format (only for poser)

Complete Assembled Scene for Poser included.

Works perfect with IBL Lights

There are more parts coming soon for this series. Stay tuned!!

Thanks for using our sets.

D/S Users: This set loads fine in D/S. A few shaders or light presets render slightly differently in D/S.

Manual: manual

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