Product: Evil Sanctuary

Original Price: 12.90$


The quest of Evil continues.

Here comes another HQ Set of our Underworld Series: The Evil Sanctuary.
You need a place for your demons to rest? Something evil can hide away?
Or are you simply looking for a praying room for your adventureres?

The Evil Sanctuary comes out of the box with:

– Sanctuary   (All walls, doors, ceiling etc are boned and can individually moved or hidden away)
– Hemisphere
– Tomb 1 (Can Open, Skeleton included)
– Tomb 2 (Can open)
– IBL Helpers
– Torches

– Day/Night Preset pose for the hemisphere

– Altar
– Pentagram
– Outside Landscape

– Torch Lights
– Daylight

Additional Hemisphere Mats included.

Check out our other parts of the Underworld Series:
– Dungeon Construction Set
– Graveyard
– Underworld: Hell

More to come.

Remark: Item has been build for Poser. Loads in ok D/S with some particular differences in material settings and light output.



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