Product: Pool and Sauna by 3-D-C

Original Price: 12.30$


“Enjoy and Relax”
Need a place to relax and enjoy a break?

Here comes a nice pool and sauna area. Something a hard working V4 or M4 really needs to get
a break.

This Set is build in a versatile way. All rooms are boned figures. Simply load the room and place your characters. You can easily disable any wall or item in a room by using the visibility flag. No need for reassembling the room just because you want to make a different shot.
This set comes with a lot of stuff to it: Props, Lights, Cams, Poses, etc. Simply everything you need to just go ahead and get started!

Content of this set:

– Main Pool Room, boned figure with attached items
– Main Sauna Room, boned figure with attached items
– Wooden bank, boned figure can raise and lower
– Sauna Banks, boned item, all banks can be hidden separatly

– 19 Poses for V4 and M4 (7 for M4, 12 for V4)
– 2 Handposes for Smartprps

– Hemisphere
– Window Blinds (with Morphs to open and close)
– GlasRack with Towels
– GlasRack without Towels
– GlasRack with wodden bowls
– Glastable with Stuff on it
– Empty Glastable
– Lighthelper
– Towels for Saunabanks (3 Towels separatly)
– Smartpropped Towels for wodden banks
– Smartprops:
M4: Cocktail Drink
V4: Cocktail Drink

– Daylight (Parented to Light Helper)
– Ambience Low
– Ambience High
– Ceiling Spots Bright
– Ceiling Spots Lower
– Pool Lights Up
– Sauna Side Lights
– Sauna Spots

– Ten Dolly Cams

Check our website for more free poses and sets.

works ideal with our set of street freebies avaliable through our website

This set ties into the set of street. Check our store for more street stuff.

This set contains environmental stuff. V4 and M4 figures, clothes, hair not included.

Best results achieved with Poser 8 up with Indirect Lightning.
Limitations in D/S: All items load fine, Material Shaders of some items look different.
Masterdial in Woodbank wont work but can be moved manually.
Light output different.



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