Product: Bombed Jail

Bombed Jail Sample Render
Bombed Jail Sample Render

Original Price: 17.90$


Your Quest for an acceptable hidingplace is over. Your Zombie Hunters have something where they can rest.
Or is this your next headquarter to plan some Alien hunting?

Whatever you may make out of this, i am sure it will serve your needs. Here comes your

Bombed Jail

The set is a complete inner and outer set of a bombed Jail building. It includes the outer environment as well
as the inner house set, furniture, cell fit out, openable doors, light sets, cams etc.

Usually this would be two sets, but we think you get the best out of this having it all combined.

Out of the box, this set contains:

– Outer Set (boned, all walls can be disabled, doors open)
– Inner Mainbuilding Set (boned, all walls can be disabled, doors open)
– Cell Fit Out (Boned item, moveable bed, toilet, sink, heater)
– Rubble Set (Boned item, things can move around)
– Inner Fit Out (Separated Lamps, Cables, posters etc)

– Cell Fit poses to move the Furniture of the cell to the right places

– Cabinet 1 (With injected morphs)
– Cabinet 2 (With injected morphs)
– Cabinet 3 (With injected morphs)
– Cabinet 4 (With injected morphs)
– Chair
– Stool
– Wastepaper Bin
– Table

– Daylight
– Nightlight
– Inner Set 1
– Inner Set 2

– 11 preset Cams

– One full preset Scene included

This set works perfect with our following sets:
– Flesh and Bones Series
– Debris and Trash

Check out our other sets!

rem: This set is primarly created for Poser 5 up but works best in Poser 8 up. It loads good in D/S but some light and render outputs may look different.

People & Vehicles shown on renders are not included.




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