Product: Ultimate Smartprop Collection I – Everyday Props

Original Price: 6.20$


They are the essence of all scenes, they make a picture to become a living moment: Smartprops.

I put together the most useful things of life, things you need in mostly every scene of a day.

Inside, find 40 Smartprops (20 each) for M4 and V4, inclusivly their corresponding hand poses for M4 and V4.

– Waterbottle
– Bucket
– Calculator
– Case
– Cigarette right
– Cigarette left
– CoffeeCup (Alu)
– Credits
– Fork
– Wineglas
– large knife
– Money
– rolled Newspaper
– Notepad
– Paper
– Pen
– Metal Pipe
– Screwdriver
– Spoon
– Spray

All Smartprops load to M4s/V4s Hand (right or left, depending on prop).

Something very very useful in everything you do…. Enjoy!



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