Product: The Gate by 3-D-C (K-Azonica Series)

Original Price: 8.50$

Untitled-1… open the gate to a new sector….

Coming a long way through all this quadrants in K-Azonica, we now reach the gate
to a new sector. Passing through will get you further.

We present you the fourth set of K-Azonica:

The Gate

a versatile set of a Gate section, whether you use it as
security gate, airlock, generator lock or whatsover.

In order to keep working with the set simple, you get also 12 poses for
M4 and V4 (6 each), four initial light sets and camera presets.

It is build in modular way, easy to use, and it fits the corridor set.
The outer Doors have an adopted wall with door to fit the straight part
of the corridor/room construction set. It is not needed for this set, the Gate is
a standalone item.

Included in the package are
– The Core Body of the room
– The Main Front Door (With Masterdial injected. The middle door opens first, then the  other three parts slide into the frame)
– Same door for the backside of the Tube
– The Leftwalls with Doors (Also with masterdials to open and to eject the panels)
– The RIght Walls (Generator Walls)

– The Main Front Wall
– Main Back Wall
– The Tube
– The Platform with Console
– All Ambient Lights
– Main Ceiling Lights
– Tube Lights
– Backwall Lights

– 12 Poses specific for this set, 6 for M4 and 6 for V4
– We recommend to download out free pose sets from out website as they work perfect for this set

– 9 Cameras (for a Dolly Cam)

Also check the freebies avaliable from 3-D-C that will give you loads of poses and props that work perfect with this set.

There are much more freebies avaliable that work perfekt with this set!!

Check my Freebie section on Renderosity

Note: This is the equipment set! V4/M4 Figure, Clothing or Hair not included. Package will also gain value. Check my freebie section on my website for more add ons

A Manual is included to explain best practise and working with this set.

Check out the other K-Azonica Sets.

Remark and known limitations: This product is designed to produce best output in Poser 8 and Poser 2010. It works on Poser 7 (tested) but the masterdial of the frontdoor behaves a little different, however you can use the manual boned tweaks. It is possibly to work on DAZ and Poser 6, however we do not provide support for those. We tested the product in DAZ and all items load ok, however, the masterdials are not supported by DAZ, also the lights are not build for DAZ as well.

.. make your trip now to K-Azonica … and stay …



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