Product: Stylish Apartment by 3-d-c

Original Price: 9.95$, Now for 6.47$



2017 fix for making room to work in D/S :

Where do you want your figures to return, after a hard day at the posing factory? This is the right place to come. A highly detailed, handcrafted and carefully ambiented Apartment. Stylish and ready for some relaxing moments. The apartment comes as: – One pp2 prop for the main walls, including the power sockets, light switches and lower frame, also with injected Morhs to animate the bathroom door, the apartment has a “Dummy”-lower floor to add depth to the view – A pp2 prop for the blinds, you can swipe and lift all blinds separatly, just with the morph – a set of ceiling mounted lights as a prop pp2 – a set of backdrops – a complete set of 13 additional props of furniture to design your interieur – a pp2 with injected morphs for the bathroom, so you can open and close the toilet and slide the shower doors – a set of four light sets for Daylight, Bathlight 1 and 2, and all insight lights which you can delete if not needed – a set of poses for a V4 figure to relax on the couch or lie in the bed – a set of cameras to view and spot at the most important sights of the rooms – morphable blankets and cushions for the bed – a morphable cabinet, where you can slide the doors – exchangeable texture sets for your bedware – A Figure of a Padawan, so you can slide the various parts of it – An additional figure where the whole apartment is assembled as ONE The props of Cabinet, blanket, cushion and the bathroom interieur contains morph targets, so you can animate them. The Cabinet can open each door (slide), the toilet can be open and closed and the shower can be opened and closed. The blanket and cushion are freebies, more of those under ….. The blinds are morphable to swing and up. All blinds can be changed individually. Most of the props use Poser internal materials and shaders. we strongly recommend to use rendersettings of when using posers firefly renderer. Light sets are not using Ambient Occlusion. Ambient Occlusion is beeing added to the main materials of the floor, walls, door and window frames. Thanks for your interest in my work. Visit my homepage on for more freebies and add ons to this product shortly. V4 Figure, Clothing or Hair not included.

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