Product: SciFi Loft Apartment (K-Azonica Series)

Original Price: 9.99$


… the executives chambers ….

Continuing on the development of the K-Azonica World.
This time, we bring you the Loft Apartment, a very stylish and modern place
for the executives to live and work in. This cool place comes with furniture and
add on props to complete your needs and has poses for M4 and V4 included.
Light sets and Cams let you start right away.

The Loft Apartment

Included in the package are
– The main room, boned. All Walls, ceilings, floors etc are separate items and can be hidden
– The table and seat set
– An Add On Hemisphere to surround your world

– The Bed Props (Bed, Cushions, Blanket) all with morphs to adapt to the poses
– Curtain Prop (with morphs to open)
– Lamp
– decorative middlepart
– Plant
– Platform
– Blinds for P1 (With morphs to open and close)
– Blinds for P2 (With morphs to open and close)

–  A Diffuse Light Set
– A Day Light Set, parenting to the Hemisphere
– Spot Lights for P1 – P3

– 7 Poses for M4
– 12 Poses for V4
– 3 positioning Poses
– 25 Sets for loading different floor combinations
– 10 Sets for chaning the lights (Floor, Ceiling, Upper, Side lights)

– 8 Cameras (for a Dolly Cam)

As i am usually upgrading my products with new additions over time, this package will also gain value. Check my freebie section on my website for more add ons.

Note: This is the equipment set! V4/M4 Figure, Clothing or Hair not included.

A Manual is included to explain best practise and working with this set.

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Rem: This Product works with Poser 5 upward, however, you receive best results in Poser 8 or 2010/2012 due to indirect lightning.
DAZ Studio might work but is not fully supported. We tested all Props and figures to load OK. However, the lights do
not 100% produce the same output. Also, the master dials injected do not work in DAZ, you need to adjust the bones manually

.. make your trip now to K-Azonica … and stay …



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