Product: SciFi Hangar 2260 by 3-D-C

Original Price: 11.90$


“Spacestation Prime, i need to land my spacecraft! I am running out of Antimatter!”
“Spacecraft 91-X, you are clear to land on Hangar Bay AO-989”

Here is the Hangar Bay for your SciFi Scenes. The one bay you had been waiting for, for a low price.
The Bay is build in modular way, so you can easily assemble what you need, or leave that away, that you dont need. That makes long focal lense shots very easy. The Hangar is a complete set of wall sets, objects and figures, that give you so many ways of making your scenes, you may need a while to discover!
Equipped with Light sets and Cameras, basic poses and smartprops, you will not get tired assembling more complex scenes. In alliance with the other sets of the 2260-SciFi Series of 3-D-C this makes a very complete set!

The Hangar comes with the following items:

Product Content
Figures and Props:
– Back Wall Set with injected Morphs to open and close the doors
– Right Wall Set with injected Morphs to open and close the doors
– Left Wall Set with injected Morphs to open and close the doors
– Main Ceiling
– Set of the Left WalkWay
– Set of the Right Walk Way
– Set of the Rear Walk Way
– Front Wall
– Front Gate as Biomechanical Gate with morph to open and close
– Front Gate as Mechanical Gate with morph to open and close
– PinPads for the Left, Right and Backwall
– Handrails for Left, Right and Backwall
– The Backplane as Space background
– The Outside wall for outside shots
– Side Cabin for the lift guy
– Large Spots for the Ceiling and Front
– The Lift Figure: Boned Figure to let you raise and lower the lift platform
– The Crane: A boned figure to let you open the cranefingers, lower and raise the crane and adjust the ropes
– Various Add ons: Container props, Crates, Cubes, Oiltanks, etc.

– Five basic poses for M4 (Crane usage, Lift usage, Ship coordination, Walk Stairs up and down)

12 different light sets:
– 11 single sets to load in serial way
– 1 set to load all 11 together

– The jug prop for left and right hand plus the handposes for it

– 11 different camera sets for direct shots in the Hangar

– 4 different materials for the background plane

Still not convinced, privateer?

Take a look at the sample renders. All renders are pure 100% Poserwork, no postwork done.

I constantly create new add ons and freebies for my products. Check the 2260 product line for more info. This product will gain value over time!

Remark: Spaceships, V4/M4 model, clothing and hair not included

Ships used in this samples:

XHR3 Ship by Simon 3D , avaliable here on Renderosity
Tengu Fighter by Simon 3D , avaliable here on Renderosity
Vanguard Ship, avaliable on DAZ3D

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