Product: Laundrette

Original Price: 8.80$


“Get it clean, baby!”

Have some dirty laundry to clean, buddy? Your washer at home isnt working? Or just wanna meet some people out there? Yeah, we all know that times what mother was stopping washing for us and we had to look into the ways to get our panties clean …

Now, here comes your way to get your laundry washed: The Laundrette! A complete set fitting into the street live series, works perfectly together with the streets set avaliable as freebies through 3-D-C.

Com’ On, lets get undressed and wash it!

All Walls are boned in one figure, easy to load and easy to handle. Simply use the visibility tag in the object properties to hide walls or items. Even the washers are boned figures. You can easily open every door single.
Still so, you can still reassemble the entire set to make it bigger, or use the middle walls at different locations. Designed to give you the maximum useability and flexibility you need! Make long focal lense shots throught hiding walls. Forget about using 25mm lenses and distorted pictures.

Designed and made to render realistic stories. Work best with Poser 8 up, but also downward and under DAZ Studio.

Content of this set:

– Main Walls as boned figure with BackWall, FrontWall, RightWall, LeftWall, Door, Middlde Wall
– Grouped to the Walls are the Posters as Props
– Washers Row 1: Six Washers with boned doors
– Wahsers Row 2: Three Washers with boned doors

– 11 Poses for M4
– 11 Poses for V4

– four different front signes: Laundrette, Wash Salon, Waschsalon, Lavarie
– Cashier desk with Cash Machine
– Drawer
– Single Box
– Stool
– Table
– Bank
– Upper Walls for outside renders
– Smartprops:
M4: Washpowder, Liquid and Wash Box (Poses included!)
V4: Washpowder, Liquid and Wash Box (Poses included!)

– Daylight
– Nightlight Inner
– Combination of both

– Three basic cams

Check our website for more free poses and sets.

works ideal with our set of street freebies avaliable through our website

This set ties into the set of street. Check our store for more street stuff.

This set contains environmental stuff. V4 and M4 figures, clothes, hair not included.
Cars not included.

Designed for use in Poser. Works in DAZ D/S 2.3 up as well.
Best results achieved with Poser 8 up with Indirect Lightning.



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