Product: Genetic Laboratory 2260

Original Price: 11.90$


“I am not sure what IT is and where IT came from, but it reacts
Strange to all kind of Genetic Manipulation!”

Ever had the need for putting your aliens and monster into some genetic treatment? Building a SciFi Scene with a captured creature or a mutated human to be put under arrest?

This set will give you the genetic laboratory you need!

The product is a complete set of a room (in two parts), every part comes with separate boned walls, so you can simply hide the wallparts you need. Make long focal lens shots. No hustle with the cameras anymore. (btw:10 Dolly Cams are included).
The chamber has some additional functionality such as like a closing floor door, a lifting platform etc. Also, all doors can open close.
The set is also fitted with all Light sets for all single lights present in the scene, overall, thats 20 light sets.All loadable in stack mode, so simply load the ones you need.
25 Poses for M4 and V4 are also included.
This is so complete, you can immidiatly start of and build your scary scifi scenes you ever dreamed of.
As it fits into the entire line of the 2260 series (check our store here on renderosity for more), it is adding additional value to your previous purchased with us.

Come on, what are you waiting for?

Out of the box, this set contains:

– Wall Set P1 to P4, boned parts P1, P2, P3 and P4, also the doors which can slide open
– Wall Set P5 to P8, boned parts P5, P6, P7 and P8, also the doors which can slide open
– Main Floor with boned floor doors
– Main Ceiling
– Chamber with boned side walls P-1 to P-4, the Ceiling and the Doors Boned (Pose to open and close doors included)

– Modular Light sets, all loading to the parts they belong to. Every light is preset single.
– All lights combined in one
(Overall 20 Light Sets included)

– 14 Poses for M4 (all special to the set)
– 11 Poses for V4 (all special to the set)
Rem: I recommend using my free poses for M4 and V4 for other setups, check my website for the freebies.

– A simple rolling table
– Another table
– Log File Smartprop for M4 (two poses included)
– A Tablet PC for M4 and V4 Smartprop

– ten camera sets for a dolly cam

The entire set is build in modular way. You only need to load the parts you need.

There will be future additional material sets added to this set through my freebie collection.

Rem.: This is the environment set. V4 or M4, clothing, hair and creatures are not included.

“Inject the liquid, pal!”



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