Product: Crew Restrooms 2260 by 3-D-C

Original Price: 8.50$


Need some refreshment after your exhausting space mission?
Here is your restroom to get cleaned, showered and refreshed.

What does a pilot need after a long ride in a tiny tinbox in space? Just some shower, a little refreshment, probably a toilet, get clean and off into bed.

Here is your restroom for your scifi scenes. This set, fitting to the other 2260 scifi Series, comes with toilets, showers, washing tables and  a hell of poses to make your start easy. As usually, the 2260 sets contain all light sets (17 in this set), poses (40 in this set) and camera spots (4) to give you an easy start.

The entire set is build in modular way. The room itself parts into seven pieces, so you can easily load only those parts you directly need, or hide those you dont need. This safes memory and allows long camera lens shots. No need to turn your focal lense down to under 20 or so.

The light sets allow using the upper main lights or side spots, which give you loads of ways to light the room and create different athomspheres: From dark to light.

As all the 2260 SciFi Products are build in the same way and with the same style etc, this is a great addition to the Crew Quarters. However runs of course as a standalone product.

A User Manual is included.

We regular issue freebies associated to the sets: poses, props, etc. So the SciFi sets gain value over time.

All renders shown are 100% Poser output.

Out of the box, this set contains:

Figures and Props:
– Wall Sets P0 – P6 (Modular Parts fitting to a large room)
– Showers applying to part 5 as a boned figure to open and close the doors
– Toilets for P4 and P6, boned figures so you can open and close the doors and raise and lower the lid
– a bench to let your figures change their cloth
– A washing table
– Two Smartprops (a toothbrush) for M4 and V4

– A moduler set of 17 light sets for the room
All lights load to the room part or prop they belong to, so you can easily assemble the room in a different way, no problem to
reassemble the lights

– 20 Poses for M4
– 20 Poses for V4

– 2 Expressions for tooth-brushing (M4/V4)

Rem: I recommend using my free poses for M4 and V4 for other setups, check my website for the freebies.

– four camera sets for a dolly cam

Wall Parts use morph injects to open the doors.
You can also simply assemble this set with my free corridors to connect the other 2260 series sets, or simlpy make your own scenes.

Rem: Victoria 4 or Michael 4 figure, character, clothing or hair not included!
DAZ Studio has been tested. All props and figures load ok. Textures for the lockers must be manually applied.
Water application shown in sample renders are not part of this product.

Get your refreshment now.
We need you fresh for the next mission!



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