Product: Crew Quarters 2260 by 3-D-C

Original Price: 7.10$


“Wake up, pilots…. there is a mission out there that
must be accomplished!”

“Attention, squadron 3: You are called to report to duty room!”
Ah, they all know what this means: Get out of the warm bed, get the pilot-suit on and into your cockpit rocketeer!

Here is your staff quarters. A four parted large room, containing 17 beds and plenty of space for social life after a long hard ride in your fighter. With the set you receive boned lockers, all can open their doors separatly through their bones. All wall parts contain morph injects to move the bed curtains separate and the lower trays. Of course, the doors can open as well.

Highly detailed textures allow close up rendering. i.e. the lockers have name insigns, all separate textures, so you can pin your own name on it. Or you can use your picture to pin it to the insight locker poster.

A set of 13 light sets (all in modular way) enlighten your quarters as you wish.

18 poses for M4 and V4 also included for the special settings in this room, such as like standing on the lockers, sitting or lying in bed, or just sitting on the table and have a chat after your mission. (The poses work also well with the 2260 Scifi Bar and Canteen).

Camera sets included for four major spottings.

This is really cheap price entry product to the 2260 Series line, given you a good impression of what you receive for your money. Those sets all go along a general baseline of style and fit to each other.

If you ever whished, making your science fiction story in Poser, this is your perfect start or your environment!

Out of the box, this set contains:

Figures and Props:
– Wall Sets P1 – P4 (Modular Parts fitting to a large room)
– Lockers as figures, placing into each part of the room
– A table set with six seats, all boned so you can move them around freely, but controlled
– A morphable set of a cushion and blanket

– A moduler set of 17 light sets for the room

– 9 Poses for M4
– 9 Poses for V4

Rem: I recommend using my free poses for M4 and V4 for other setups, check my website for the freebies.

– four camera sets for a dolly cam

The entire set is build in modular way. You only need to load the parts you need.

Wall Parts use morph injects to open the doors, bed curtains and trays on the bottom.
You can also simply assemble this set with my free corridors to connect the other 2260 series sets, or simlpy make your own scenes.

Rem: Victoria 4 or Michael 4 figure, character, clothing or hair not included!
DAZ Studio has been tested. All props and figures load ok. Textures for the lockers must be manually applied.

Up, hurry, Pilot. Or do you need a special invitation….?



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