Product: Apocalyptica Set 02 – Essentials Megapack

Original Price: 9.30$


After the war …
A light wind blew through the ruins and left that bad taste of post war… welcome to


This second set gives you a number of essential stuff that you need for your apocalyptic scenes:

– Three different ruin buildings, all boned, items can be disabled to alter style
– A barbwire, boned to bend and style like you want
– A Hemisphere of broken and nuked buildings

– A Blue Barrel (With Morhps)
– A Grey Barrel (With Morhps)
– morphable Boulder
– Debris 01
– Debris 02
– Grey Stones 01
– Grey Stones 02
– Ground Plane 01 (Stones)
– Ground Plane 02 (Asphalt)
– Hanging Round Lamp
– Hanging Long Lamp
– Red Stones
– Rubble 01
– Rubble 02
– Tankblocker
– Wood 01
– Wood 02

– Night Light Ambience
– Daylight (Parented to the Hemisphere, just rotate the Hemisphere and your lights rotate with it)
– Night Light for a Streetlamp (Smartpropped)

– 5 Mat poses for the Hemisphere

A Manual how to use this set is included.

There are much more freebies avaliable that work perfekt with this set!!
Check my Freebie section on Renderosity

Remark: This is the environement product. M4/V4 shown in the renders, clothing and hair, cars or birds are not included. This is a Poser designed product. Items may load in DAZ but lights behave different as shown in the sample renders



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