Ship Elements D4: Reactor Room


Original Price: 10.90$


This is D-Sector D4 : The Reactor Room.

Well, any ship or outpost needs some kind of energy creation, right?
So here you get yours. Assemble to your D-Sector sets and have them powered up.

The set comes with a large reactor core room plus the according reactor cells.

Included in the pack are IBL helpers as well as a full light set, preset cams
and a full preset scene. Ready to Render!

Included in the set:


– D4 Reactor Room, dials injected to open the doors
– D4 Reactor 1
– D4 Reactor 2
– D4 Panels
– D4 Console
– IBL Helpers

– Handrails

– 6 Dolly Preset Cams

– Full Set to render with or without IBL

– Full preset scene file

Rem.: File is build for Poser, loads OK in D/S with a few limitations (see read me)

Thanks for using our sets and check out our great package deals!!



Product: Castle Corridor Construction Kit

Original Price: 12.99$

Welcome to your own castle!

With this new construction set, you will easily be able to design your own
castle set. Just exactly what you may need to build scenes or setups you
desire for your stories, games or simple renders.

The set is a full blown construction set to build corridors, rooms, halls etc.
Included are as well add on props, light sets and preassembled structures.

The versatility and easiness of this set will provide you thousands of possibilities
and you will probably never get bored using it!

Included in the set:

– Construction Multiprop (Main Item to assemble any sort of structure desired)
– Holder (for grouping)
– Pre-Assembled structures: Room, Hall, Hallway, Crossing and Pathway

– Easy Pose for the Multiprop for Walls, Ceilings and Corners
– Material Pose
– Pose for Halberd for M4

– Banner
– Candelabrum
– Carpet (Injected morphs for Curve, X Crossing, T Part, End Part and Straight)
– Halberds
– Halberd Smartprop for M4
– IBL helper prop
– Lanterns
– Pictures (1 and 2)
– Pillar
– Podest

– Sunlight
– Torch Light

Full Manual included.

Check out the Video Samples of the Walkthrough:

Rem.: Set is designed for Poser; will load in D/S with a few limitations. Check readme for more.

Extended License avaliable.

Product: Outside World: Part6 – Petrol Station


Original Price: 11.20$  (Sale -30% until Aug 25)—petrol-station/110913/

Here comes Plane 06 of our Outer Worlds Series.

This set will bring you a run down petrol station on a side street.

Can you imagine whats hidden inside? Expand your post-war scenes of the outer world series with this versatile set.
Also, on a sidepath you will find a small power transform station.

All plants are included in single form or in assembled sets.

Included in the set:

– Mainplane 06
– Gas-Station as boned figure (Doors can open)
– Fence for the Power Station (Doors can open)
– Signs and Cable Set
– Assembled Plants for this Plane
– Assembled Plants in Sets (Bushes and Trees)
– Low Poly Plant Sets
– Hemisphere
– Holder (for grouping items)

– House 2 (Power Station)
– Main Sign
– Trash Shed

– Alignment poses for the fence, Hemisphere
– Alignment pose to move this plane to the right place for the full Outer World Scene Set
– Mat Poses for the Hemisphere

– 5 Dolly Cam Presets

– Morning, Mid Day and Evening Lights

– Full Scene Preset

Please check the other Outer World Scenes:
> 01 < – Railroad Crossing
> 02 < – Tunnel Entry
> 03 < – Forgotten RailStation
> 04 < – Camping
> 05 < – Southvalley and Highway

Rem.: Set is build for Poser, loads OK in D/S with a few limitations. Check readme for details.

Thanks for using our sets!

Product: Adriatic Scenes: Summervilla


Original Price: 12.90$

Here comes our first set of our “Adriatic Places” series:
The Summervilla.

This is a set of a villa, mostly used in the adriatic areas as summer residences.
The set is build on a larger scale ground, using preassembled plants and flowers
to fill your scenerie.

The house is completly boned, all blinds and doors can open. (not intereur, this will
be provided in a separate pack).

A footpath on the front leads to a nice pavilion with seaview.
Another footpath surrounds the building and gives your figures a nice place for a walk.

Included in the set:

– House (completly boned with all blinds and doors moveable)
– Flowers for the house

– Statue Mat and Pose for V4 and M4

– Preassembled Plants (Set 01 – 09)
– Flower Pots
– Pergola covered with wine
– Rose-Board
– Podest for the statues
– Pavillion
– Ground Plane
– Hemisphere Seaview
– Hemisphere Trees/Bushes

– Daylight Set

– 5 Preset Dolly Cams

– Full Preset Scenes

Rem: Set is build for Poser. Loads OK in D/S with some limitations (check readme).

Thanks for using our sets!!

Product: Outside World: Part5 – South Valley and Highway


Original Price: 14.90$—south-valley-and-highway/110453/ 

Here comes our South Valley set of the Outer World Series.

The South Valley is designed to take on Plane 01 to Plane 03 and combine them to a greater set.
Even though, the south Valley works on its own as well.

This part contains a broken highway as well as a loads of plant sets.
We have also included sets of Low Poly plants to improve memory use.
(Now included in the Sets 01 – 03 as well!)

Included in the set:


– Bombed Highway (Boned)
– Plane 04 South Valley (Boned)
– High Poly Plant sets (various sets of combined Plants; Bushes and Trees)
– Low Poly PLant sets (various sets of combined Plants; Bushes and Trees)
– Assembled Plants for the South Valley
– Signs and Cables
– Hemisphere
– Holder Prop


– Hemisphere Mat Sets ( 2 day sets )
– General Ordering (Use this to move Plane 02 and PLane 03 into the right place)


– HD Plants as Props (Bushes and Trees; Grass)
– LD Plants as Props (Bushes and Trees)


– Morning, Evening and Daylight Presets


– 9 Preset Dolly Cams


– Full Preset Scene

rem: This set is designed for Poser. Items load OK in D/S however, some shaders may look different. Please check readme for further instructions.

Thanks for using our sets!

Product: Freight Wagon 2 and 3


Original Price: 10.20$ – 3.50US$ for Prime Club Members

Here come Rail Wagon 2 and 3 for your railtrack scenes.

Wagons are boned, clutches can move.

Included in this set:

– Boned freight wagon 2 and 3
– Clean and Dirt Material for each Wagon

Works perfectly with the Outside World Scenes.

Rem.: This package is defined for Poser, Items load OK in D/S, check readme for further information.


Ship Elements D3: Canteen and Staff Quarters


Original Price: 11.90$

Here comes the third part of the D-Sector Area: The canteen and crew quarters

D3 is a set of two rooms, attached together. Designed in line with the other
elements, D3 can be attached to the straight or T-Set of the D1 Corridor package.
Each room as a smaller exit door to the above parts.
You can as well shape the middle part to fit to the large door of D1. So you are
free to use for example only one room or have them attached through a greater hallway…

The rooms dont neccessarly need to be used as canteen and quarters, you can also use them
as any other sort of room you desire. Beds, table sets etc are isolated items.

As usual, the set is designed to deliver most flexible and versatile use by still
keeping it simple. Walls, doors etc are boned items to the figure. You can simple
disable any wall for long focal lense shots.

Included in this set:


– Room 1 (Masterdials in the BODY to open the doors)
– Room 2 (Masterdials in the BODY to open the doors)
– Mid Part (can be halfed)
– Table Set
– Tables complete for room 1
– Bed Sets for room 2


– Preset pose to disable walls of Set D1 to attach straight set or T-Set
– V4/M4 Poses will be provided as freebies


– Bed
– Bedware (with morphs)


– Sun preset
– Standard light presets for room 1 and room 2

– Full preset scene included (for Poser)

Check out our large freebie area with loads of add on stuff!!

Rem: this set is designed for Poser, items load in D/S (Some material shaders look different), check out read me for further information.

Thanks for using our sets!



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