Product: Outside World: Part4 – Camping Props


Original Price: 10.20$—camping-props/109974/Untitled-1

Herewith you get Part 4 of our Outside World: The Camping Props

Camping Props is a set of very useful Props for Camping, all
build to be used independently. Items such as the Lamp, Camping Flask
etc are also set to be used as SmartProps with V4/M4. Corresponding
Hand Poses included.

Can be easily used with any of the other Outside World sets (Just place
it somewhere in the planes), but works as well without any of them.

Included in the Set:


– Tent (With injected Morphs to open)
– Campfire
– Lamp (as NUll and Smartprop)
– Stump
– Trunk
– Various Rocks
– Thermos-Flask (as Null and Smartprop with morph to hide Cup)
– Cup (as Null and Smartprop)
– Sleeping Bag (with Morphs for V4/M4)
– Plane (to place your stuff on)
– Camping Seat

– Sleeping Bag (M4/V4)
– Hold Cup (M4/V4)
– Hold Thermos Flask (M4/V4)
– Sit on seat (M4/V4)
– Lantern (M4/V4)

– Morning, Evening, Day and NIght Set
– Light for the Campfire

– Full preset Scene included

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rem.: This set is build for Poser, Works with D/Z with a few limitations. PLease see
readme for more details.

THanks for using our sets!

News: Outside World Products

A note to those of my clients who have been buying and using the Outside World Products:

We have received a couple of messages, that the products are heavy in use of memory, due to the size of plants and detailness. We appreciate your feedback on this. We always try to put as much detail into our work as possible, sometimes we probably aim too high. Still though lots of people appreciate the detail in the plants… (for close ups etc).

In order to develop a help, we will work on a lower density pack of plants to be able to simple fit to the sets. We are also working with the marketplace staff at renderosity to ensure we can put this out to those ones who bought the packs at ReRo for free.

Stay tuned.

Product: Freight Wagon 1


Original Price: 10.20$ – 3.50US$ for Prime Club Members

Here is a versatile freight wagon for your railtrack scenes.
Coming with various add on materials and entirely boned to allow
you to disable wall to make long focal lense shots.
Doors can open/close.

Included in this set:

– Boned freight wagon
– four add-on materials

Works perfectly with the Outside World Scenes.

Rem.: This package is defined for Poser, Items load OK in D/S, check readme for further information.

Product: Outside World: Part3 – Forgotten Station


Original Price: 13.30$

Here comes set 3 of the outside world series!

This time, we will bring you a forgotten train end station.
Placed aside to a lost track, end of line. No way further on.
The run down building and the barracks aside come with a road track
leading to it.

Use the plane in conjunction with the other sets to build your area
of an outside world where you could make your adventures real!

Using versatile plants and trees enjoy entire freedom to build your own
landscape. Use pre-build plants assemblies or use the preset scenes included.

The set is build with highl complexity to allow short focal shots. Every leaf
is visible…!

In order to properly manage your memory, we recommend to use only those sets
of plants you really need.

Included in the set:

– Mainplane 03 (boned)
– Plants assembled for Plane 03 (Sets 01-05)
– Pre-Assembled Plants sets (5 Bush Sets, 3 Tree sets)
– Barracks (Boned)
– House (Boned)
– Tracks (Boned)

– Morning light
– Evening light
– Daylight

– 11 different bushes
– 4 different trees
– Set of Grass (with morphs)
– Fence
– Cables

– Three preset revolving cams

Remark: Single and Assembled plants (Bushes and trees) are identical with Set 1 and 2 of this series!

This set is build to work with Poser (5 up, Poser 8 recommend for IDL)
D/S: there are limitations to the use in D/S, please check read me for further details

Thanks for using our sets

Ship Elements D2: Storage Area


Original Price: 11.90$

Here comes the second part of the D-Sector Area: The Storage Compartments

D2 is a set of two rooms, attached together. Designed in line with the other
elements, D2 can be attached to the straight or T-Set of the D1 Corridor package.

It also has an alternate wall for the first room, which will implemented a T-Section
to attach to a larger door. You can use this as an Airlock for example.

The rooms dont neccessarly need to be used as storage, you can also use them
as any other sort of room you desire.

As usual, the set is designed to deliver most flexible and versatile use by still
keeping it simple. Walls, doors etc are boned items to the figure. You can simple
disable any wall for long focal lense shots.

Included in this set:


– Room 1 (Masterdials in the BODY to open the doors)
– Room 2 (Masterdials in the BODY to open the doors)
– Alternate Wall for Room 1 (disable through Pose presets)


– Preset pose to disable Wall2 in Room 1 for Alternate wall
– Preset pose to disable walls of Set D1 to attach straight set or T-Set


– Palette with boxes
– Palette with cables
– Cables and chains attached to Ceiling of Room 1
– Cables and chains attached to Ceiling of Room 2
– Barrel
– Shelf


– Sun preset
– Standard light preset

– Full preset scene included (for Poser)

Check out our large freebie area with loads of add on stuff!!

Rem: this set is designed for Poser, items load in D/S (Some material shaders look different), check out read me for further information.

Thanks for using our sets!


Ship Elements D1: Corridor Construction Set


Original Price: 14.20$

Welcome to Sector D!

This first set of the D-Sector series will bring you a comprehensive set to assemble
corridor sets of any sort of way you can think of. The set includes Straight, T-Sets,
X-Sets, Curve and Door Parts. This will allow you to put together any design you can imagine.

We also provide you presets with assembled parts to let you quickly put together your
station or ship.

Included light sets easy the setup and lets you fire ahead in seconds.

Full Scene included.

Out of the box this set includes:


– Straight part (all parts boned)
– T-Set (all parts boned)
– Curve Set (all parts boned)
– X Set (all parts boned)
– Door Part (all parts boned)
– Holder (for grouping elements together)
– Preset: C- Style
– Preset: E- Style
– Preset: I- Style
– Preset: T- Style
– Preset: X- Style


– Preset Pose for the Straight Set
– Preset Pose for the T-Set Set


– Preset lights for all preset Sets above
– Single head light
– Sun light

– Preset Cams for the Preset sets above

Full Scene included

Rem: Package is designed for Poser, works in D/S. Some elements behave different in D/S. Please check read me for details.

Check out our large freebie area for more stuff!


Product: SciFi Furniture Set 01


Original Price: 10.20$  , 3,50USD$ for PRIME


Here comes a versatile set of Furniture in SciFi/futuristic style.

Made out of leather, you can apply one of the preset mats coming with it.

Also included is a table and a shelf as well as some stylish sculptures.

Finally, to make it of most value, we have indcluded 24 Poses for M4/V4 for you.



– Couch 1, Couch 2, Couch 3 and Couch 4
– Seat 1 and Seat 2
– Sculpture 1 and Sculpture 2
– Table
– Shelf
– Small Seat (Cubic)
– Small Seat (Round)

Mat Sets:
– white Leather
– Brown Leather
– Black Leather
– Blue Leather
– Red Leather

– 11 Poses for M4
– 13 Poses for V4

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Also check our large freebie area with loads of add on stuff and extra bits for you!

Thanks for using our sets!


Ship Elements C4: Alien Examination


Original Price: 13.20$


The time has come to examine our human subjects!

Welcome to section C4 of Sector C. This is the Alien Examination chambers!

The set comes with a versatile set of rooms combined. First room will allow
you to store your subjects in trays. Let them move through the converter
and have them further examined in room 2. Here you will find a multi-versatile
table with attached examination tentacles.

Set includes full light sets, cams, V4 preset poses and a full scene preset. All items boned.

Included in the Set:

– Room 1 (with expandable trays)
– Middle Room
– Room 2
– Cages (can open)
– Table Set (can swing, swing arms, swing legs, open/close fixateure)
– Table Set with attached tentacles
– Single tentacle
– Preset tentacle set for room 2

– Table poses 1-4
– V4 table poses 1-4
– 5 preset poses for V4

– 5 dolly preset cams

– Full Light Set
– Light Sets for room 1 and 2

Build for Poser, loads OK in D/S. Check readme for details.

Check out the other sets of Sector C:
– Corridor Set
– Larger Hall
– Apartment Set!


Product: XBOW Spacecraft


Original Price: 9.10 US$  PRIME: 3.50 US$

Attention! Attention!

Align with the squadron, soldier!

Here is the second spacecraft of our Armada Series: the XBow.

The XBow was once assembled by 3DC Industries as a military, one man spacecraft, build to be hosted majorly on carriers for short range attacks. Meanwhile, the XBOW has made it to become widely spread for loads of others usage, even as a private ship.
Additionally equipped with jump drives, the XBOW may even be used as a small cargo ship.

We have added lots of moveable parts to this ship to allow it to be used in animations:

– Open Laser Hatches
– Retract/Deploy Guns
– Open Canope
– Engine Thrusters can be moved
– Open/Close front and rear flaps
– Deploy landing gear

The Inner Cockpit is separated to bones so you can ie disable the HUD etc.

Check out the detail pages.

Please also visit our large freebie area for add on stuff.

Rem.: Build for Poser, works in D/S. See readme for limitations

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